Anton Agestam

Being a web developer at FundedByMe, I am super-passionate about design, data, human-computer interaction and good-looking pieces of code, located in Stockholm, Sweden and also love longboards, snowboards and food.

I love to do creative things, like building and riding longboards, graphic design and photography, drinking loads of coffee and especially building awesome websites.

FundedByMe is an amazing startup that is democratizing venture capital through crowdfunding. Before I joined FundedByMe I worked for social travelling start-up Tripl, located in Stockholm but venturing to New York for the summer.

I have quite extensive profiles describing my previous experiences published on Zerply and LinkedIn. I tend to tweet quite a lot and I also have a Tumblr blog that I wish I would update as often as my Instagram.

Please feel free to contact me with any matters, professional and personal.